Loïc - Data Scientist at YouMeal (Foodtech)

I'm pleased about my interaction with PlusOne. They contacted me for a vacant data scientist position at YouMeal. The questions they asked me were precise and relevant to understand my professional desires, to validate my technical skills, and especially to assess my compatibility with the team in place and the values of the companies. I recommend without hesitation.

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Sophie Gravy

Managing Director and Great Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.81
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Catherine Barbier

Senior Consultant and Top Class Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.83
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Caroline Franki

Consultant and Fabulous Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.84
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Aurélie Cuisset

Consultant and Fantastic Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.85
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Gaëlle Minet

Senior Consultant and Exceptional Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.86
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