Xavier– Product Owner at Digital Orthopaedics (e-Health – Medical Device)

I was amazed by professionalism of the people at PlusOne. They dug really hard to understand I was the best match for Digital Orthopaedics, and that Digital Orthopaedics was the right offer for me. And even after, they fought even harder to find the best deal about work conditions and make compromise with my new client-to-be. I felt honesty and transparency throughout the whole process, and I could therefore start on my new challenge with the peace of mind.

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Sophie Gravy

Managing Director and Great Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.81
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Catherine Barbier

Senior Consultant and Top Class Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.83
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Caroline Franki

Senior Consultant and Fabulous Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.84
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Gaëlle Minet

Principal Consultant and Exceptional Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.86
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Thomas Léonard

Consultant and Dandy Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.82
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Philippe Dortu

Head of Region - Wallonia  and Terrific Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.87
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Tom Van de Woestijne

Head of Region - Flanders and Authentic Recruiter

T: +32 477 26 69 39
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