Emmanuel Bois d’Enghien - Managing Director at Yamabiko Europe -Belrobotics (Robotics)

Yamabiko Europe is the world leader in the design and manufacture of robotic lawn mowers for large grounds. Our technology, creative capacity, and technical development are our company’s major assets: the technology is robotics, which itself encompasses several engineering disciplines – automation, electronics, software, electro-mechanics. The universities and colleges regularly train engineers in robotics, but there are still few experienced engineers on the job market that have combined competences in project management and state of the art technical skills. But that’s the kind of profile that we were looking for to manage our Engineering department when we approached Plus One. The image of "Plus One" and its approach perfectly fit what we were looking for; it was a new position and we were looking for someone capable of undertaking it singlehandedly, and not someone who would quickly require one or more employees to master all critical aspects of the position. We rapidly established with Plus One the 5 key goals of the position and drew up a short list of the industries where we thought Plus One might be able to find our ideal candidate. Concretely, PlusOne enlarged the scope of the search and provided us, faster than we expected, with a list of quality applicants. PlusOne is totally transparent and regularly kept us informed about contacted candidates with a short evaluation: sharing this information and the regular discussions about profiles enriched the selection process and the short list was quickly drawn up. Afterwards, Plus One was very efficient to help us – both Belrobotics and the retained candidate – to find an interesting agreement for both parties. Finally when the assignment was over, Plus One kept in touch by calling periodically to follow up.Based on this first experience, I wouldn’t hesitate to give other assignments to Plus One and would recommend its services without hesitation.

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Sophie Gravy

Managing Director and Great Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.81
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Catherine Barbier

Lumina Practitioner and Asssement Consultant 

T: 010/39.21.80
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Caroline Franki

Senior Consultant and Fabulous Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.84
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Gaëlle Minet

Chief Recruitment Officer & Exceptional Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.86
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Thomas Léonard

Medior Consultant and Dandy Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.82
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Philippe Dortu

Head of Region - Wallonia  and Terrific Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.87
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Tom Van de Woestijne

Head of Region - Flanders & Brussels and Authentic Recruiter

T: 010/ 39 21 88
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Melodie Dumoulin

Medior Consultant and Amazing Recruiter

T : 010/39.21.83
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Perrine Dion

Senior Administrative & Recruitment Officer

T : 010/39.21.80
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