Pascal Pellegrin – Head of Development Team at Intopix (Electronics)

Working with Plus One to hire our new collaborators gave very good and fast results for intoPIX. The candidates proposed by Plus One were all very interesting. Plus One provided a complete feedback of their screening interview with all elements we needed to cross check during our interview. It was a real pleasure to discuss with someone who deeply understand our requirements and is always giving good advices for our recruitment strategy.

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Sophie Gravy

Managing Director and Great Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.81
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Catherine Barbier

Senior Consultant and Top Class Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.83
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Caroline Franki

Consultant and Fabulous Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.84
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Gaëlle Minet

Senior Consultant and Exceptional Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.86
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Thomas Léonard

Consultant and Dandy Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.82
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Philippe Dortu

Liège Area Business Manager and Terrific Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.87
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