Fernando – Embedded Software Engineer – eWON (IoT – electronics)

Back in 2017, I was finishing my post-doc in France. As a researcher in the field of high-performance processor architecture and willing to pursue my career in the industry, good job opportunities could be only found in the USA and UK. However, with increasingly immigration barriers and the Brexit gaining momentum, I was forced to change my plans.

PhDs and especially post-docs usually struggle to find a good job in the industry. With the “École d’ingénieurs” mentality widely spread in France, working visa requirements and other bureaucracies, it was very hard for me to even be accepted for a first interview.

That’s when Plus One appeared, proposing me a job in Belgium through a social network website. At first, I was skeptical, because a few interview I had before in France finished with “we’ll contact you later”, after explaining my situation. Discussions continued and I decided to give it a go. They accompanied me during all the interview process until I signed the contract. I feel really lucky that Plus One contacted me.

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Sophie Gravy

Managing Director and Great Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.81
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Catherine Barbier

Senior Consultant and Top Class Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.83
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Caroline Franki

Consultant and Fabulous Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.84
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Aurélie Cuisset

Consultant and Fantastic Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.85
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Gaëlle Minet

Senior Consultant and Exceptional Recruiter

T: 010/39.21.86
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