Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) - Data Protection


Fast growing Company focused on Data Protection - GDPR - HIPAA - CCPA.

This company is leader in the niche market and want to keep this position.

In order to keep this advantage they would like to build a strong innovation strategy.

The mission of a Chief Inovation Officer is to carry out innovation projects defined with the Top Management.

These are in line with new technologies and market needs.

Responsabilities and position in the company

Main tasks
  • Manage, develop, coordinate and monitor the projects defined with Top Management;
  • Identify threats and opportunities based on emerging trends;
  • Set up and use innovation performance indexes;
  • Anticipate the needs in order to create a long term strategy;
  • Develop a culture of innovation within the company;
  • Participate in the company's communication regarding its innovations;
  • Carry out a watch focused on business innovation and new technologies.


Internally, the Chief Innovation Officer is in direct
communication with Top Management for the
definition and evaluation of projects to be developed
and with various employees from various departments
(Operational, Business for example) for the
construction of these projects.
Externally, he may be in communication with actors
involved in the different stages of project development.

Hierarchical position

The Chief Innovation Officer reports directly to the
Chief Executive Officer.


The Chief Innovation Officer must be able to:

  • Research and manage consortia and partnerships for the development of innovations;
  • Seek funds and financing for innovation;
  • Have a global vision of the sector in which the company operates;
  • Transform ideas into projects;
  • Experiment the projects set up;
  • Solve problems;
  • Show pedagogy in the implementation of projects;
  • Demonstrate good organizational skills in the management of innovation projects (monitoring, management, coordination);
  • Apply all aspects of leadership in projects;
  • Possess knowledge in various tools and various new technologies (AI, blockchain, IT development, etc.);
  • Master the English language. Any other European language is an asset.

Experience needed:

  • 8 years experience in Life Sciences and at least 3 years in innovation


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