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Our client is a next generation Liege-based imaging research organization built upon the unparallel experience of its founders, pioneers of the radiomics science.

Our client focuses on AI powered healthcare, with a unique expertise in Radiomics, Deep Learning & Federated Learning applied to oncology and other therapeutic areas. Through our proprietary advanced image analysis technology, we aim to unravel the gold mine of hidden data information embedded in standard medical images.


As the Head of Segmentation Team at Radiomics, you will manage the team of data curators as well as the Radiologists Network and other external segmentation workforces, according to Radiomics’ needs, which might evolve during time.

Your activity will be the key for success for all commercial or internal projects that require manual segmentations to build any diagnostic and prognostic models.

You will coordinate all the activities of the team and the network with the final aim to provide high quality of segmentations and annotations in due time.

You will create organizational processes able to smoothen the workflow within the segmentation team as well as with the other departments and with the external stakeholders. You will proactively plan meetings, events and help build the project reports.

You will actively collaborate with the commercial and the PM teams to run harmoniously the segmentation activities in each project, providing estimates of time and effort required for the segmentations and adjusting the capacity of the team and network to the projects’ timelines.

  • Support HR in recruitment and contracting of the segmentation team
  • Daily management of data curators
  • Planning trainings on content and technical skills in collaboration w/ Imaging Expert or CMO and Tech, respectively
  • Establish connections with radiologists across EU and US
  • Manage framework contracts with them as well as contracts for specific projects
  • Plan resources to allocate in any external or internal projects involving segmentations/annotations
  • Provide estimates of time and effort required in the proposals, define resources to be allocated and budgeted
  • Collaborate in the definition of the project requirements w/ commercial team or R&D team
  • In collaboration w/ Imaging expert and/or CMO, elaborate segmentation workflow and organize planning of guidelines creation, trainings and revisions of segmentations
  • Provide technical instructions to data curators and radiologists on how to perform the segmentation activities and revision of cases
  • Assign tasks to resources allocated to the project by using available data annotation platforms
  • Ensure the teams followed the technical instructions given (labels, cut-off measures, etc, number of masks per type of lesion, etc.)
  • Ensure the quality of segmentations from the technical perspective and collaborate w/ Imaging Expert and/or CMO to guarantee the quality on content
  • Ensure respect of timelines agreed for the project
  • Adjust capacities/efforts during the running of the project if needed
  • Collaborate w/ PM to build the project report
  • Analyze strengths and weaknesses, factors of success and unsuccess at the end of the project
  • Creating user-friendly segmentation workflows on available platforms, ensuring data privacy following data protection rules, as dictated by the Data Manager and DPO.
  • Supporting in the creation of user-friendly revision workflows on available platforms
  • Discovering new tools to facilitate segmentation and annotation activities
  • Automatizing any repetitive tasks in the workflows


  • Bachelor of technologist in medical imaging or Bachelor of nursing specialized in medical imaging.
  • At least 1 year experience in similar position.
  • Knowledge of Project management is an advantage.
  • Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills. Proficiency in English (French and Dutch are an advantage)
  • Strong collaboration skills and ability to work independently and as a team member with multiple parties.
  • Strong computer skills including Microsoft Office, TEAMS, PowerPoint, Excel.
  • A proactive attitude.
  • Capability to handle difficult situations, also under stress.
  • Capacity to organize your work as efficiently as possible and to keep the overview.
  • Ability to motivate people as well as to address attitude and behavior.


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