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Imcyse is a clinical-stage biotech company pioneering the development of a new class of active, specific immunotherapeutics known as ImotopesTM. Imcyse’s innovative technology platform is based on the discovery of modified synthetic peptides that induce specific CD4 T-cells able to eliminate the pathogenic immune cells causing autoimmune diseases. Imcyse’s ImotopesTM hold the promise to cure patients suffering from severe chronic autoimmune diseases for which there is no adequate therapeutic alternative. Currently, a phase 2 clinical study is ongoing in type-1 diabetes and we are reaching completion of pre-clinical development in multiple sclerosis while projects in several other autoimmune diseases are at an earlier stage of development. We are a highly dynamic world-class team dedicated to utilizing our unique Imotope™ technology platform to improve the lives of patients suffering from these debilitating diseases.


Imotope Development Leader (M/F)

The Imotope Development Leader is an executive member who manages the activities of imotope design, development and production.

He/she is in charge of planning, team management, scientific guidance, methods development, quality and skills development in the field of activities of his team.

As an expert, he/she deeply involve in CMC activities and interactions with the different CMO’s.

Your responsibilities

Team Management & Planning

  • Coordinate Imotope Design & Development team’s activities & resources allocation to assure that the work is properly budgeted, scheduled and completed within specified timelines
  • Lead and plan all activities of his/her team and is responsible of the good implementation of the work planned
  • Develop the expertise of its team, ensures skills development and training
  • Represent Imotope Design & Development Team within the differents Project

Imotope Design & Development

  • Manage interactions concerning peptide production with CMO’s, external academic and R&D groups.
  • Manage the peptide synthesis, purification and characterization units and their equipment.
  • Drive the technology and methods development and implementation to ensure reliable results and quality of work in terms of imotope design & development.
  • Identify and create new ideas within the team to improve efficiency and effectiveness of Imotope technology development or any new technology in the scope of Imcyse activities.
  • Provide scientific guidance and technical advice in the fields of its expertises.
  • Control results, review and approve scientific reports, lead root cause analysis, corrective and preventive actions.
  • Develop and execute peptide R&D programs in alignment with Project Teams strategies.


  • You have a PhD in biochemistry or organic chemistry and are fluent in English.
  • You are able to identify problems and work toward solutions, you are goal-oriented, quality-conscientious and organized.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You master the below specialized knowledge:
    • Peptide & protein chemistry
    • Analytical chemistry (HPLC, MS, DLS, UV-VIS)
    • GXP, ICH
  • Your other skills : people management, lab management, pharma research & development, planning and priorities management, confidentiality.


This position contributes to and supports the company’s research and development efforts to create high value therapeutics to address unmet medical needs.

We offer a permanent position in an innovating and dynamic company located near Liège and an attractive salary package in line with the position responsibilities and your experience.

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