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HR TRIBE is specially designed to meet the agile needs of our start-up and SME customers. Thanks to a large collaborative community of renowned and committed experts, HR TRIBE is transforming the HR landscape to support business growth. Join HR TRIBE and benefit from the full experience of an HR co-pilot, as well as continued access to our entire community of experts.

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HR TRIBE: a collaborative
HR community

PlusOne has created HR Tribe to meet all the strategic and operational HR challenges faced by small businesses. We've selected the leading experts in the field of Human Resources, ready to respond agilely to your needs. You can therefore delegate all the HR aspects of your business (hard and soft HR) with complete confidence.
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In-depth HR Audit

With the support of an HR expert, we map your company's situation and help you prioritise your needs.

Your HR co-pilot

We select the most qualified expert to support you in your project. Developing tailored, flexible solutions to meet your changing needs.

Too much task, HR Tribe is the solution
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A collaborative  and engaged HR community enabling our customers to benefit at all times from all the network's expertise.

Keeping track of your projects

Creation of a living memory for all HR aspects of your business, enabling you to track and pursue your HR projects effortlessly.

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Focus on your business,
Our tribe takes care of your HR !

Ready to elevate your HR strategy with a dedicated team of experts? Join the HR Tribe community today and discover the difference personalized HR support can make for your organization.

Join HR Tribe as freelance expert

Are you an experienced freelance HR expert? Do you want to impact a human-sized organisation and lead management in their HR projects? Join our community, have access to networking opportunities, collaborative projects and events, and benefit from new assignment opportunities? Get in touch with Valérie Chapelle : vchapelle@plusonesearch.be

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