You want to make sure you recruit the right candidate for the right job? Try the Lumina assessment!

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You want to make sure you recruit the right candidate for the right job? Try the Lumina assessment!

Why carry an assessment as a start-up or SME?

Recruitment is often based on subjective perceptions. Thanks to its high scientific validity, the Lumina allows us to objectivise, invalidate or confirm these feelings in a tangible and pragmatic way and to predict how a candidate will behave in a given situation.

At PlusOne, we see a twofold interest in carrying out an assessment: on the one hand, to provide our clients with the assurance that the future employee has the skills required for the position and to develop within the company, and on the other hand, to help the future employee make a sustainable career choice.

Why Lumina and not another psychometric tool?

No stereotypes, no labels, no rankings. Lumina measures 24 qualities and creates a personalised portrait of the candidate that is the starting point for a rich and in-depth discussion. Moreover, the tool is flexible and customisable according to the needs of the function and the company. The Lumina is very visual and uses a powerful, colourful and practical language to illustrate a person's profile in a simple and consistent way.

PlusOne offers two assessment packages

Lumina Select

An efficient and fast evaluation tool, simplified for a controlled budget.

Company benefits:

  • Helps to recruit the right candidates for the company and the job
  • Takes into account the values and requirements of the organisation
  • Helps to identify the right people
  • Helps to discover hidden potential
  • Reduces the risk of costly recruitment errors

Benefits for the employee:

  • Illustrates strengths and weaknesses
  • Places the candidate on a competency scale
  • Identifies concrete areas for improvement
  • Asks fundamental questions for better functioning

Lumina Spark

In addition to the aspects highlighted by the Lumina Select, the pragmatism of Lumina Spark provides a clear and precise view of how potential employees can work more effectively with others. Lumina Spark gives an explicit and precise reading of a candidate's personality and allows a quick awareness of their strengths and weaknesses. The tool provides access to a detailed 40-page report that serves as the basis for a 2-hour interview conducted by a Lumina Practitioner . The client receives a report and an in-depth debriefing following this interview.

Company benefits:

  • Avoids the inherent bias that exist in many psychometric tests
  • Encourages people to develop the skills most needed now and in the future
  • Reveals hidden talents
  • Has a high degree of scientific validity
  • Tailored coaching -individual and/or team
  • Offers concrete tools
  • Establishes a team map with strengths and pitfalls to avoid

Benefits for the employee:

  • Provides a precise and personalised reading of strengths and areas for improvement
  • Establishes a unique portrait via a detailed report
  • Increases self-confidence
  • Allows better stress management
  • Identifies the pitfalls to avoid
  • Helps to develop individual and collective potential

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