Our recruitment services for BioTech, MedTech and HighTech

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Our recruitment services for BioTech, MedTech and HighTech

Our recruitment services

Our strength in recruiting in the Biotech, Medtech and Hightech fields lies in our ability to deploy a complete and qualitative direct approach: detailed intake with the client, identification of target companies, pro-active and respectful approach to potential candidates, pre-screening and selection interviews, weekly exchange and reporting with our clients, reference taking, assessment, supporting of the client and the candidate before and after signing. In order to give smaller organisations access to efficient recruitment services, we have developed our approach in different types of contracts. Whether you opt for the most premium of our contracts or for the most flexible, you will always find the quality that characterises us in the execution of our assignments!
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This is our premium contract as well as the most secure. The budget is calculated on the basis of a percentage of the salary of the person hired.

This gives you the assurance that we will search until you have selected the ideal candidate and always within the budget.

This contract includes a 6 month guarantee, a LinkedIn ad and the assessment of the final candidates.


This contract has been designed to allow you to manage the budget of a recruitment project more finely through hourly billing. You only pay for the hours actually worked on the assignment.

As we are results-oriented, we apply a success fee per recruited candidate.​ 


This contract has been designed to boost CV searches for our clients.

This package gives access to our network and databases as well as a LinkedIn ad. Each application submitted is validated by us on the basis of your own criteria.

In order to guarantee a "boost" effect, we carry out this service within a very short period of 6 weeks.

As we are results-oriented, we apply a success fee per recruited candidate.​

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PlusOne's areas of specialisation

PlusOne focuses on finding talent for startups, scale-ups and SMEs in the Biotech, Medtech and Hightech sectors.

We are looking for talent in the following areas:

  • R&D- Pre-clinical research
  • Design - Engineering
  • Clinical Affairs
  • Regulatory Affairs (RA)
  • Safety-pharmacovigilance
  • Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Product management
  • Supply chain
  • IT and software development
  • Sales management and business development
  • Support functions - HR - finance – communication

The jobmarket is undergoing fundamental changes: new statutes, new types of contracts, remote work, shortage of profiles, competition, globalisation etc. We are in tune with these changes and offer opportunities for employees (permanent), freelancers, interim managers for local and foreign candidates (EU and non-EU). For candidates from outside the European Union, we offer our expertise to companies in applying for work permits.

As our aim is to support small organisations at every stage of their growth, we are trained to recruit at all levels of the job: starters, managers, experts, C-Levels.

We also participate in the setting up of Boards of Directors and their members.

Our references

These start-ups and SMEs have been entrusting us with their recruitment projects for years:

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