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Since its creation, PlusOne has been the preferred partner of start-ups and SMEs that innovate in the digital world and in deeptech. Throughout the year we recruit engineers in fields as diverse as Industry 4.0, robotics, AI, IoT, SaaS, digital simulation,(micro)electronics, etc. The particularity of these technologies is that they are present in almost every field of activity: space, automotive, health, finance, renewable energy and many others. This wide range allows us to offer extremely diverse career opportunities to our candidates in the most innovative start-ups on the market!

In Belgium, the technology sector includes almost 2,000 companies in the manufacturing, digital and telecommunications sectors, 70% of which are start-ups and SMEs. Technology companies are the sector with the highest added value and the highest real economic growth (11.5% since 2015). The year 2021 was a year of strong growth for this sector (around 6%). Some 8,000 new jobs were created while investments reached 4 billion euros (+2.3%) and exports rebounded by 13% over the first 11 months of 2021 (Agoriafigures).

Start-ups and SMEs in the technology sector are very active and are recruiting massively: experts in R&D, software development, cybersecurity, data management, etc. as well as managers and C-Levels. However, the job market is experiencing a major shortage and it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit and retain talent. At PlusOne, we are constantly thinking about how to anticipate these needs and we constantly maintain our network of candidates in Belgium and abroad.
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